Isle of Lewis Lottery Ticket


Hi everyone,


Due to the payment system still not being fixed I see not much point in continuing the lottery until it’s back up and running. This has taken much longer than anticipated and it is affecting the draws massively. The aim is for it to be ready to resume next week (Monday 21st) as it is nearly ready.

It has taken this long as it is a separate company running the payment gateway they needed to also do their own background checks and put it all through their legal team. It needs to be tested several times to ensure people’s money is safe. I will give full details of the new system as and when it is available. In the meantime please like the Facebook page to stay up to date with current details.

It will be back, and I will basically do a re-launch when it does. In the meantime I have worked on direct debits so they will be ready to go with the new payment system.

Sorry for the wait everyone,

Thank you for your patience and support! 🙂


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