Community Funds - Lottery Funding

The idea for Local Lotteries came to fruition because of the local community funding, not before. This lottery funding strengthens the differentiation from other lotteries and how they operate as Local Lotteries has a mission and it only wants to fulfil that mission: Enhance communities and the lives of the people within them!

Community funds are set up in partnership with each Local Lottery to generate funds for the local area.

Each fortnightly draw has 40% of its revenue go towards the local community fund.

Over the space of 4 draws (or 8 weeks) the funds gather and during this time people may vote on what they wish the funds to go towards in the Local Area.

This may be a charity, charitable organisation, a person in need, a place needing funding, even a local business in need of some help. So long as they get the most votes then they will receive the funding.

On each community fund's page is a list of previous winners.

I urge you all to follow this link to a few different places on the National Lottery's Good Causes website. Notice how they haven't updated it in years? That's exhibit Z of why we are far better than the other lotteries.

We value our transparency with our customers. There's nothing we haven't shared as we believe this is the only way a lottery should be run.



Below is a list of local community funds set up so far, please ensure you choose your own local area.

Isle of Lewis