About Us - Local Lotteries

Local Lotteries has the goal of being widely known for its altruistic values.

Local Lotteries was an idea to support people and communities individually and fairly.

We wish to promote charitable work, togetherness and democracy.

With odds that are kept as fair as possible for its players, a polling system for funding to give the power to the community and costs kept to a minimum, it is like no lottery before.

Our number one priority is you and your community.

A Brief History

  • Local Lotteries was an idea that started in a classroom in February 2016.
  • The first license was awarded to Local Lotteries in the Western Isles in August 2016.
  • The website was created on 7th February 2017 after it was decided online only would save Local Lotteries on nearly all of its costs and allow Local Lotteries to solely focus on its goals and make competing with the national lotteries far easier.
  • The first Local Lotteries will commence 3rd July 2017 in the Isle of Lewis.

For more information visit our FAQ page